i died today. u were born today.

i died today.
u were born today.

The seven word epitath, “i died today, u were born today,” rings in a eulogy posted on a Youra website to mark the death of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs.

According to the visionary’s death signals a change from Apple’s iWorld to a new uWorld, a switch from “I” to “You.”

The eulogy and tribute to Steve Jobs are written by Youra Tarverdi, resident of Silicon Valley, business developer and founder of Youra Network.

“The iVisionary died,” says Youra, “to be transformed into a uVisionary.”

Steve Jobs, the creator of iThings – iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac – is laid to rest. His resurrected spirit can be anticipated to be reborn in new incarnations of his creative genius.

As when a Tibetan Dalai Lama dies and Buddhist’s high priests search for his incarnated soul, so the search is joined for the return of the Jobs visionary.

Are you the new Jobs?

According to the founder of Youra Network, the answer is, “Yes, ‘u’ is the new ‘i’. The manifestation of the vision of Jobs is to be found in ‘u’ – the alter ‘you’.”

Apple’s vision lives on. It is passed to a new generation of visioners-in-waiting. The vision multiplies from “one” to “two,” from “one” to “many.”

Youra Tarverdi discovered his Alter Ego in a second Youra, namely Dan Youra, media whiz and owner of, with whom he joined forces in a mutual search for the philosopher’s stone.

The two Youra alchemists are transforming Apple’s “i” world into the golden apple of “u” world. This dynamic “You Team” is harvesting the seeds of Steve Jobs growing in the fertile crescent of their new “U” applications.

This transformation from “I” to “You” is observed in the normal development of a baby’s consciousness from “me” to “mother,” in the growth of an individual’s identity from “ego” to “other” and in the expansion of human awareness from “self” to “community.”

While acknowledging the obvious communication values of Apple’s inventions, Tarverdi points out that their main impact is on self gratification for the individual’s ego. Characterized by the white ear buds funneling iTunes between the iPod or iPhone and the brain. Apple’s iMacs and laptops each have one screen to accommodate the eyeballs of the clicker. The Mac’s feline operating systems are alleged to be easier to learn than those developed in Redmond and China. Once mastered, the communication impacts of networked computers are not that different.

Youra Tarverdi was born in the Middle East. Dan Youra was born in the United States. The two Youra’s, following inner visions to transform other worlds, found each other in a discovery of mutual respect and support.

Youra Tarverdi is a peace maker and founder of the World Peace Network. He worked with the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization UNPO, advocating the causes of the dispossessed, disadvantaged, downtrodden and discarded cultures around the globe. He traveled the planet ministering to lost tribes and forgotten cultures.

Dan Youra worked at the United Nations in New York, where he managed the literary digest Current Thought on Peace and War at the UN headquarters,

Youra Tarverdi is a son of Assyrian parents, mideast Christians, descendants of a 6000 year old culture born in the cradle of civilization north of the Euphrates River. By heritage Dan Youra was born to a Bohemian father, a Catholic of gypsy stock from Central Europe and to a mother of Germanic culture.

The two Youras worked together to build a global system to support the economic and financial development of peoples from the “the poorest of the poor and the lowest of the low,” as Mother Teresa affectionately called her flock, to the disparate and dispossessed, who live at the fringes and outside of mainstream economic commerce.

The brains of Youra’s computer network is its uOperatingSystem, a highly evolved and elegant CPU developed by Dan Youra over 40 years of working with computers from IBM mainframes to Apple’s iPhones.

The system’s modules are Network, Finance, Search, Social and Communications.

Network protocols are managed by uRedeemer, uRebirth and uSalvation.

Communications are sent through and

Financial resources are analyzed in

Search algorithms are activated in

Social life stories are shared in, and

Other subroutines: