Youra Buyer enables people seeking specific products and services to find comparative shopping bazaars to compare products and prices.



Youra Seller enables sellers of products and services to post goods and services for sales in a global bazaar where buyers are looking for the specific products and services offered for sale.



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Youra Auction is part of the Youra Exchange and the YES system


World Trade Clubs

World Trade Clubs are global and regional trade associations for the free market sales of products and services among producers and consumers.

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World Bazaars are open markets for the sales and purchases of products and services in global marketplaces offered for public commerce.

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Barter Pal is an easy and secure system to enable purchases of products and services in the Youra Exchange System.

Youra Barter Icon is the Ancient Lamassu?

Products and Artwork

The Lamassu icon spans a history of more than 6,000 years as a dominating mythologic figure in Middle Eastern archaeology and culture. Imposing statues of the bull with eagle wings and a man's head guard the entrances to ancient Assyrian and Babylonian cities in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.

The figure is a protector, a guard against evil. He embodies the strength of the bull, the agility of the eagle's flight and the wisdom of man. The lamassu symbol adorns military patches in Iraq.

The Assyrian Lamassu is portrayed with five legs, one for each of the five Assyrian regions, which spread over the territory now claimed by Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. The Assyrians predated the Arabs, the Jews and the Christians.

Assyrians built the foundation of modern civilization. They developed cuneiform, the first system of writing, the first library and the world's first University. They invented a crystal lense for a microscope or telescope. They developed imperial administration, dividing land into territories administerd by local governors who reported to the central authority. They built paved roads and the first canals and aquaducts. They invented locks and keys to secure their doors.

Among the great mathematical contributions of the Assyrians was the division of the circle into 360 degrees. They were among the first to invent longitude and latitude in geographical navigation. They also developed a sophisticated medical science which greatly influenced medical science as far away as Greece.

Assyria was the first nation to accept Christianity and become missionaries.

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About Youra Network is a global exchange system for buyers and sellers to interact in a free trade environment for the purchase and sales of consumer products and services.

Youra Exchange Network disseminates new technologies for the social, political and economic development of people throughout the world.

The technology is built upon the founding work developed for the World Peace Network as a bridge between the represented nations and the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, which provides an interim voice to unrepresented peoples seeking to have their human rights issues heard.

World Peace Network (WPN) is an organization promoting peace and cultural understanding around the world. WPN provides a website featuring information, news, audio, photographs, multimedia, publications and videos.

Youra Tarverdi and Dan Youra are founding members of the Youra Exchange System (YES). Youra Tarverdi has personally visited more than 70 countries as an ambassador for peace. Dan Youra was an editor of Current Thought on Peace and War.

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The development of cultural and economic programs for the advancements of disadvantaged and unrepresented peoples of the world is supported by donations. Your contribution is enabled through major credit cards and PayPal. Please take a moment to assist this worthy endeavor to foster peace, encourage social justice and achieve economic viability, especially among those peoples who have suffered the greatest estrangement from international integration and economic prosperity.

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